MMSA Alumni Spotlight!

Zaynah's journey with Concept Schools began at Horizon Science Academy in Cleveland in the 6th grade in 2007, where she demonstrated her commitment to academic excellence and a thirst for knowledge that was simply inspiring. 
After her time in Cleveland, Zaynah ventured to Michigan, where she continued to shine at the Michigan Math and Science Academy. Her dedication to learning and her passion for education led her to graduate with flying colors.
Zaynah married a Concept Alumna, DeJohn Tripp, who has also been a part of the Concept community since his 7th grade year. The two met at Michigan Math and Science Academy in Turkish class their Junior year and got married in 2020. They are happily married and live in their first home in Warren.
But Zaynah's journey didn't stop there! Today, she proudly serves the Michigan Math and Science Academy Dequindre as a building substitute, making a positive impact on students' lives every day. 
Zaynah is currently on an exciting journey towards earning her degree in psychology at Oakland University.
What's even more inspiring is Zaynah's deep commitment to giving back to the Concept Schools Network, which she holds dear to her heart. She's setting her sights on our Concept Alumni Network Grow Your Own Educator Program!
With aspirations to return as a college counselor, Zaynah is on a mission to inspire and support the next generation of Concept Schools students. Her dedication to our community's growth and success is truly remarkable.
Let's join hands in celebrating Zaynah Tripp's remarkable journey and the bright future she envisions for herself and our Concept Schools community. We couldn't be prouder of you, Zaynah!
Stay tuned for more success stories from our Alumni Network! Together, we're making a difference in the world of education.