Michigan Math and Science Academy's Alumna Becomes First Recipient of the GYOE Program

Concept Schools Alumni Network is excited to announce a historic achievement by Zaynah Tripp, an alumna of Michigan Math and Science Academy, who has become the inaugural recipient of the Grow Your Own Educator Program (GYOE) by Concept Schools.

Zaynah's unwavering dedication to education propelled her to excel academically, making her an ideal candidate for the GYOE Program. Developed by the Concept Schools Alumni Network, the GYOE Program is a distinctive fellowship designed to cultivate the next generation of educators and leaders. Zaynah's commitment to enhancing students' lives aligns seamlessly with the program's mission.

As a participant in the GYOE Program, Zaynah will not only receive a financial incentive of up to $14,000 for her four-year bachelor's degree but also benefit from professional development facilitated by experts from central and district offices. She will receive personalized coaching from a qualified teacher mentor and have the opportunity to network with fellow students.

Today marks a momentous milestone for Zaynah as she receives her first check of $5,000, part of the financial assistance provided by the program. This support will contribute to covering tuition and fees, enabling her to concentrate on her studies and future role as an educator.

Zaynah's success is not only a personal triumph but also a source of pride for the Concept Networks' alumni community. It serves as a testament to the caliber of individuals Concept Schools produces – individuals dedicated to making a positive impact on education and the lives of others.

Concept Schools Alumni Network