Internet Usage Policy

The following guidelines and procedures are expected to be utilized by staff, students or members who are authorized to use MMSAD's computers/Chromebooks and online services: 
  • Students may only log on and use the network under the immediate supervision of a staff member and only with his/her authorized account.
  • Students in whose name an online service account/device is issued are responsible for its proper use at all times.
  • Under no circumstance should a Chromebook be stored in unsupervised areas. Unsupervised areas include the school grounds and campus, the cafeteria, unlocked classrooms, locker rooms, dressing rooms, hallways, bathrooms, extra-curricular buses, a car, or any other entity that is not securely locked or in which there is no supervision. Unsupervised Chromebooks will be confiscated by staff and taken to the IT person’s office. Disciplinary action may be taken for leaving a Chromebook in an unsupervised location on multiple occasions.
  • Note that electronic mail (email) is not private. Those who operate the system have access to messages relating to or in support of illegal activities; the use of any such activities will be reported to the authorities. MMSAD reserves the right to monitor all emails transported on its network.
  • Do not reveal personal information, such as home address or phone number, or that of other students or colleagues.
  • Use appropriate language. Do not use profanity, obscenity, or other language which may be offensive to others.
  • The network should not be used in such a way that it will disrupt the use of the network by others.
    Users shall not read other users' files, nor shall they attempt to read, delete, copy, modify, or forge other users' files.
  • Use of the computer and/or network for financial gain or for any commercial activity is prohibited.
  • Use of the computer and/or network for political purposes is prohibited.
  • Users shall not transmit or view material that is threatening, obscene, disruptive, sexually explicit, or that could be construed as stalking, harassment, or disparagement of others based on race, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability, religion or political beliefs.
  • Users shall not use the system to encourage the use of drugs, alcohol, or tobacco, nor shall they promote unethical practices or any activity prohibited by law or by MMSAD policy.
  • Vandalism will result in the cancellation of user privileges. Vandalism includes uploading/downloading any inappropriate material, creating computer viruses, hacking, and/or any malicious attempt to harm or destroy equipment, materials, or the data of any other user, as well as changing computer settings or damaging the computer/Chromebook or its mouse.
  • Musical devices, such as CD players and MP3 players, used in conjunction with the system are prohibited.
  • Copyrighted material may not be placed on the system without the author's permission, and no materials shall be placed on the system without the permission of MMSAD.
  • Users shall report any security problem or misuse of the network to the teacher, Assistant Principal of School Culture, or immediate supervisor.
  • The system shall be used only for purposes related to school education or administration. The administration reserves the right to monitor any computer activity and online communications for improper use.
  • Rules and regulations of net etiquette are subject to change by the MMSAD administration.
  • Activities not in compliance with the Michigan Revised Code are strictly prohibited.
Cell phones/electronic devices may serve as an outstanding instructional tool and learning resource if used appropriately. We encourage our staff members and our students to use electronics and other 21st-century devices to supplement instruction and learning. In order to preserve the teaching and learning environment, this section is to clarify the cell phone/electronic devices policy for MMSAD.
  • Please see the discipline section for the consequences of using electronic devices on tests and quizzes.
  • Students are to keep cell phones stowed out of sight, in the locker.
  • If a student wishes to use their device for non-educational purposes, they may do so before the morning bell rings, in the cafeteria during breakfast, lunch, and after school, Monday through Friday.
  • Cell phones/electronic devices must be turned off.
  • Cell phones/Earbuds/Headphones cannot be visible to staff in the hallways or classrooms.
  • If a cell phone/ electronic device rings, vibrates, or is used for any reason without teacher permission, or if you are caught using it on campus during class time without express permission, the device will be confiscated. Repeated violations of this policy will result in disciplinary action.
  • Refusal to surrender your phone, when asked, is considered insubordination and will result in disciplinary action.
  • MMSAD is not responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen electronic devices. Students who choose to bring these items to school do so at their own risk. The school is not responsible for investigating thefts of electronic devices.
Students are not permitted to use school technology to access private email accounts (Gmail, Yahoo!, etc.) unless specifically assigned as part of a course or activities curriculum. Should an email account be used, students must have a Computer Usage Agreement on file and must strictly follow the agreement guidelines. Students violating any computer agreement guideline will lose all computer privileges and disciplinary action may be taken. Violations will be considered a Level II Misbehavior.